tisdag, augusti 25, 2015

About The Young Idé The Jam exhibition at Somerset House

Put your hands toghter for The Best band in the Fucking World
Ad and sign to where About The Young Idea is housed

When I first heard about this exhibition I know that I needed to go. Been following Mr Weller since I got the first album in present and then buying Sound Affects in a small records shop in Kallinge while visiting my grandmother and grandfather. After finding out that the exhibition only was going on until the last of august, which changed after I booked my flight, to see the exhibition, which was a good decision because I enjoyed every minute of the time at Somerset house.

The Jam was quite big in Sweden and visited quite a few times. I got around to see them on their last visit, on The Gift tour. It was a lot fighting between skinheads and Mods before and during the concert. I was nearly robbed on my ticket by a gang of skins but got away with loosing some pins with the ticket safely hidden in my socks. The concert was great and got the poster for the concert on the wall today and the ticket stub at a safe place. 

After buying Sound Affects there was no way back and Mr Weller has been with me since then. While going through the room I could see some of the articles that I got in folders back home. I still got all the articles I could find in Swedish and English magazines to cut out and save. I cannot find my Wham and Setting Sons pins but there is some other nice ones there. And a very ugly scarf from the concert, for sure not an original.

So going into Somerset house and hearing the sound of The Jam was like walking into my teenage years and what it would have been to walk into a London club around -78.

There are so many things and details in these room it just impossible to give a true description of the whole of the exhibition, except for how great it is. All the small things from Woking, the school, about John, the clothes, records, the concerts . . . 

Early poster for gig with Go Go Girls and The Jam Pop-Rock-Band

The adventurs of Paul The Mod


Trousers worn by The Jam

Paul the Mod by Paul Weller

Famous ad for Dowen In The Tubestation at Midnight

Jacket from Setting Sons era

Postcard to mum from Paul

My birtday concert



Some of the clothes the band was using during their career

A famous combo

Tour and fan t-sirt

Some records that was in the Weller home around -77

Not The Jam but Sex Pistols in Sweden

The now famous wall at Somerset house

Remember that some of the photos are taken through display glass and without any flash. Some, like the one just above looks a bit strange but still a bit special.

At http://escapingmyphotos.abrandnewstart.net/#!album-8 is around 150 photos from my day at Somerset house.

And at: http://escapingmyphotos.abrandnewstart.net/#!album-5 there are photos from Mr Wellers latest concert in Sweden 2010

torsdag, mars 12, 2015