onsdag, januari 25, 2012

In the mail Today from Lou at Nicholson & Walcot

Lovely Lou sent me this lovely pocket square as seen on Martin Freeman.

Thanks Lou love

- Cheerio for now my friends.

tisdag, januari 17, 2012

Something old and something new

The week has started nice with, for me, new albums from St Etienne and The Rifles. The collection with all St Etienne dlx album is soon finished, waiting for the last one. Nothing new for me but still a great album.

The Rifles has put a nice effort into this, their latest album - Freedom Run. They have matured really nicely, going from something ok to something more own sound. I know they are great live and now great on album too.

- Cheerio for now my friends.

måndag, januari 09, 2012

Ladies in the house

One sadly missed and one really brilliant has finally arrived at the dreamers residence. Adele 21 is one of my favourite albums of last year, from the first youtube clip of some one like you til I got a chance to listen to the whole album she's been on rotation at the house. Just had a quick look at The Royal Albert Hall dvd and in a simple concert situation she is just brilliant. And Amy, little Amy, so missed, so sad. Have no expectations of this album, just wanted to have it. Still, Valerie is a great song. - cheerio for now my friends.

fredag, januari 06, 2012

Pizza urgh

Miles Kane was playing on the radio, I was sitting sipping on something strong, suddenly an pizza urgh hit me like a rolling stone. What a man to do then walk out to the kitchen and start up the dinner. So the ground:

The red:

The cheesy stuff

And the topping

Ready to go

Brilliant and ready to eat

- Cheerio my friends