fredag, oktober 30, 2009

What I'm wearing

White polo from JL
Black cardigan from Morris
Sherpa Levis jacket with The Killers Club patch, the View patch and a 21 years Acid Jazz pin + a Millwall pin
Total paisley pattern scarf
Dark blue Levi 501
Red socks from Topeco and not in the octure
Sand coloured Dessies from Clarks

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Foxbase beta

More than words was a song by some kind of metral band a lot of years a go, the original Foxbase came out a lot of years ago but this is more than words, a brilliant album coming out just in the right time, its grey and boring outside and then came this to sparkle up the day with a bunch of excellent pop song - I'm a fan for life!

It's a fan club cd only but you can buy it from here if you quick

torsdag, oktober 29, 2009

What I'm wearing

Cardigan from Morris
4 button polo from JL
Levis 501 dark blue
White adidas Stan smitm
Red socks from uniqlo

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onsdag, oktober 28, 2009

What i'm wearing

Pink shirt from tyrwhitt
Chalk stripe trousers from Fred Perry
Red socks from Topeco
Black boots from Tiger

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tisdag, oktober 27, 2009

The Moons Torn Between Two

This lovely 7" arrived from one of my suppliers in the UK today. A highly catchy song with a 6ts beat to it. The b side brings you a groover with Holland - Dozier - Hollands "Leaving Here". The Moons is fronted by Andy Crofts who seems to fill his time with music. His own band The Moons and as a part of the band around Paul Weller. The record is out on Acid Jazz NOW and as dl on iTunes among a few - a buyer for me and I hope for you!

What I'm wearing

black socks with white adidas Stan smith over
dark blue Levi 501 with black leather belt
liliac bd Ben sherman shirt
burgundy v fred Perry sweater
green baracuta g9 jacket with splinters and Millwall pins

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söndag, oktober 25, 2009

Come on down to the Den

It must have been a good afternoon down at the Den yesterday afternoon. Millwall - Leeds and we won by 2-1. Happy days as my friend Jeff should say. So I give you a picture of Mr Millwall himself. Bomber - started with a goal in third minute.

Come On Down to the Den!

lördag, oktober 24, 2009

The Wild Swans is back

Got an mail from The Occultation, The Wild Swans record label, about their new single. Ordered it and got a download with the a and the b side. A few listenings and I thinks it's a grover, need some time but its absolutly a buyer. But it from here.

Cheers my dears

torsdag, oktober 22, 2009

And some fotball

My dearly beloved Millwall was up in the north and played out Stockport with a win 4-0, Bomber did 3 his second hat-trick this season so my mate Bozo and I went over the the west and QPR. We had a nice but cold afternoon on Lotus Rd and here are some pictures from the afternoon. QPR played Preston and won 4-0. I'll give you one player shot an that is Jay Simpson who played for Millwall on loan 2 season ago for some time and did well. Here is the pictures.

Some New music

First, sorry for the upside down picture. On the last trip over we visited some great record shops; Honest Jons and Rough Trade among a few. What I brought home is Studio One Ska, the one in the middle, Paulette Walker & Friends: So In Love - a brilliant lovers rock and another Lovers Rock from Bitty McLean: movin' on - top class records all of them

Look what the postman brought me today

Thanks to the people over at Saint Etiennes fam club shop and thanks to Saint Etienne for a excellent evening in Shepheards Bush this friday. The Foxbase Beta gives the album a new dimension that never been heard before. Have giving it a few spins today and I like what I hear!

The concert where the played the whole original album was a top night and the live performance was excellent of Sarah, Bob and Pete.


This is LDN

Some pictures from last trip to LDN with my mate Bozo. We had a brilliant weekend in Brick Lane, Notting Hill, City, Shepheards Bush . . .

torsdag, oktober 08, 2009

What I'm wearing

Shoes: Bass weejuns
Socks: liliac from Uniqlo
Trousers: black from Adam of LDN
Shirt: pink/white check from Tyrwhitt
Cardigan: black with white tipping from Morris
Blazer: black with pink chalk stripe from Hackett
Scarf: silk from asos

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Girls - album

This album is the buzz thing on many bloggs, paper, twitter etc but the album can be your partner all through until December speak to you hold your hand when the dark is to dark and to close. Listen and live

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måndag, oktober 05, 2009

Look what the postman brought me today

The Girls album + 7" + a poster

thanks girls

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whatever i'm wearing

red socks from Topeco
brown dessies from Clarks
dark blue Levis 50¹with 1" turn ups
liliac check Ben Sherman shirt
black cardigan from Morris
blue paisley scarf from Total
black leather blazer overcoat from Sam Walker

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söndag, oktober 04, 2009

I'M ONE 21ST CENTURY MODS a short review

This is a photo book with photos of what the photographer calls 21st Century Mods, a few notes from the photographer and some other of The In Crowd. There is a lot of nice pictures from the scene of London today, or as I have understand it from the crowd around The New Untounchables. As you might have understand from this blog I like to take some pictures and interested in clothes and music so this is right up my alley. Highly recommended for modern people.

The ten lastest tunes on my iPod

So this is what played for me on my pod this morning on the walk with Nelly

John Mayall's Bluesbrekers - Looking Back
The Velvettes - He Was Really Saying Something
Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
Kim Weston - Just Loving You
Glasvegas - Flowers And Football Tops
Kinks, T - Sunny Afternoon
The Style Council - Long Hot Summer
Twisted Wheel - She's A Weapon
Bobby McClure - Peak Of Love
Bitty McLean - Brother Man

And what was I wearing on the morning walk:

Socks from Kriminal vården
Hiking boots from Adidas
Camo trousers from some Danish designer
Singlet from HM
Long armed sweater from Komodo
Black parka from Merde!!

lördag, oktober 03, 2009

Millwall - Tranmere

M - T 5 - 0 3 goals fr.o.m. James Henry brillianta

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What I'm wearing

J T G raincoat

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Saterday alright for fighting or What I'm wearing

Socks - red from Topeco
Shoes - black Chelsea from Loake
Trousers - Prince of Wales check from Adam
Shirt - white cutaway from Tyrwhitt
Tie - redbluwyellowwhite from Atkinsons
Blazer - 3 button from Tiger of Sweden

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fredag, oktober 02, 2009

what I'm wearing

Socks - red from modclothin
Shoes - sand coloured Wallabes from Clarks
Trousers - medium blue Levis 501
Polo - red with navy blue tipping from Fred Perrys Paul Weller line
Cardigan - grey with navy blue details from Morris
jacket - beige Baracuta slim G9

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torsdag, oktober 01, 2009

It's raining man

Had to use some runners today couse of the rain so the outfit is spolied today so no use in showing off ;)

But have a nice red Original Penguin lambswoll top on!