torsdag, december 31, 2009

2009 My music in a picture

2009, music, picture, Rare Mod, Delroy Wilson The Golde Silvers, Madness, The View, Girls, Connett, Paulette Walker and Friends, Saint Etienne, Foxbase Beta, BLUR, Paul Weller, The Heart Strings, Magnus Carlson and The Moon Ray Quintet, The Wild Swans, Les Fleur De Lys, Bitty McLean, The Moons . . . The best of new and some old music in apicture from me 2009

tisdag, december 29, 2009

What I'm wearing

Sharps cap
Scarf from HM
Military winter jacket
511 levis
Adidas winter boots
Millwall 2005 away shirt
Duffer hood

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lördag, december 26, 2009

What I got for myself

I simlpe treat for myself, two downloads from iTunes - rare mod volume 1 and 2. I alreadyhave them on vinyl but I wanted them for my training so two clicks and the files was on my harddrive. That is my treats this far but I got my eyes on two blazers, on from R.K and one from tiger and I'm looking for a shawl cardigan . . .

And Millwall lost 2-0 to Norwich today . . .

torsdag, december 24, 2009

Happy Christmas

From me to you where ever you are - lots of LOVE. Chill, enjoy and think about the important things in life!

lördag, december 19, 2009

Shut Up and Dance music

Dont know much about this but I think i sounds interesting so I spent 8 pounds on the set, let you know tomorrow what i think

The nights post from HOF

"We can walk away so proud of the fight the team showed and the support - how them trainspotting mugs can even lift their heads let alone hold them high is beyond me. I used to 'nothing' Charlton, now I dislike them quite intensely - up their own arse, think they are better than us, no atmosphere, plastic, no bollocks, only sing when they are winning, supercilious cockheads. Millwall is a proper football club, they are like the the Starbucks of football - all packaging and image and no substance or bollocks. I am so happy but have no voice left!!!!"

What a game

4-4 Morison 3 goals two for Wall and one for Charlton and he didnt have to be the bad guy becouse Schofield score a 4-4 goal - Brilliant to be Millwall. 0-1, 02 both by Morison, 1-2 on penelty, 2-2 on penelty and Jimmy sent off, 3-2, 3-3 by Martin, 4-3 by Morison on a Charlton corner and them Schofield 4-4.



Charlton away today. We have a VERY bad away record this year but today we will win. Not many goal but we will win by one!

onsdag, december 16, 2009

Paul Weller No Tears Left

The weekend that was

I just want to say thanks to all the good friends of L.E.M and all their friends that made the party on saterday a brilliant one. If I offended, humiliated or was in your face I'm truly sorry for this and hope that it never happens again. I had a brilliant day and night and I'm just sorry that it takes three days to get the life in shape nowadays. See you out there.

Lots of love


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tisdag, december 15, 2009

What I wore

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Where have all the blogging gone

Sorry to all my friends out there that my writing on here has come to something of an stop but I'll do my best to keep you posted from now on, I'll promise

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