onsdag, november 25, 2009

P W is back

Could not resist to lay my hands on a ltd P W 7" - the new single is ready for dl or watch on youtube.

What I'm wearing

It is a preppy wensday

Pinstripe Blazer from Hackett
Red/blue/yellow/white Tie from Atkinsons
Sky blue shirt from Tyrwhitt
Pinstripe trousers from Fred Perry
Red socks from Topeco
Black boots from Tiger of Sweden

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tisdag, november 24, 2009

What I'm wearing

From the floorboards up . . .
Brown dessies from Clarks
Red socks fr Uniqlo
Dark blue Levi 501's
Red/blue/white square bd Sherman shirt
Lee Sherpa vintage jacket
Madness One step beyond dlx on the iPod

måndag, november 23, 2009

One Step Beyond

A long long time ago this album was playing me day and night the It got forgotten but I have had a copy on the iPod, and one on vinyl but seldom played. Then I saw Madness at theis years Hulsfreds festival and all the fun came back to me. I've been waiting for a delux edt of this album couse I have saved a place for it on the shelf and today it came ad its still brilliant to listen to. I know most of the lyrics and I dance around the living room screaming DO THE SKA ONE STEP BEYOND!

Life is sweet!

onsdag, november 18, 2009

Paul Weller DeLuxe Edt

In the mail today from my mate Andy at Reflexcd Paul Wellers first solo album, my top Weller album, and a promo print for the album. The first cd is the album with b-sides for singles from the album and the second cd is filled with demos/alt versions/b-sides. Not much to say on the original album that is not said. I've got the japanese version that did not have The StrangeMuseum on it, had Here's a new thing instead if my memory serves me right. I have the original version, same as this one, or not the original since the japan version came out before the british release of the album, anyway, have had this british version on vinyl so nothing new there and I have all of the singles so there is no new b-side for me and alt versions and demos is the news for me. Some really interesting thing here, like the demo on Hot Rod and the acoustic version Into Tomorrow.

The booklet was so, so. The text was ok but there could be more pictures and more background stories I think. This is not an untold story, been told a few times already but I think still there could be more to it.

It's a buyer in my book!

måndag, november 16, 2009

The Wild Swans in the post

Coming home from work today was a pleasent surprise finding the new 7" from the excellent band The Wild Swans in a nice parcel from occultation. A nice autographed picture included

What I'm wearing

Overcoat in black from Adam of London
Total paisley scarf
Pink gingham shirt from Tyrwhitt
Black trousers from Adam o L
No name socks in grey and aqua
Black boots Tiger of Sweden

Saint Etienne so tough on the iPod

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torsdag, november 12, 2009

In the mail today

Saint Etienne so tough deluxe edt. Been waiting this gonne be great

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firar jag min Susanne som fyller år!

Grattis vännen!

Hoppas du får en bra dag!

måndag, november 09, 2009


Tonight on a tellie close to you Millwall first round of the fa cup on viasat footie tonight 20.40 bring the beer

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söndag, november 08, 2009

What I'm wearing and what I'm doing

For my workout today, that is 54,04 minutes walk with an averge pulse of 121 bpm, max 151 and 408 kcal lost.

And I'm wearing craft underpants, adidas clima365 pants, no name socks, pearl izumi undersweater, cannondale microfleece sweater, craft windstopper jacket, hm gloves, Nike/apple iPod holder who's been playing Kent röd all through the workout and a pair of adidas gore Tex shoes on the feet and a Sony stretstyle headphones on the head.

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Sunday morning walk in the park

S still on the fever so it was "early" in bed last night and that gives an early wake up so here is me and one of My favorite girls on the morning walk. She's on the look for something to eat, me enjoying the Girls album

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lördag, november 07, 2009

New Shoes

Many, many years ago I remember my brother having this really nice loafers. I remeber borrow them days when he did not use them, then he moved and the shoes was gone. I've been looking for something similar for years and then this ones showed up at Tyrwhitts webshop and I just could not resist to buy them - it's back to the acid jazz mod days and JTQ

fredag, november 06, 2009

What om wearing

Black boots from Tiger of Sweden
Red socks from modclothin
Black trousers from Adam of London
Pink shirt from Tyrwhitt
Black and white cardigan from Morris
Black chalkstripe blazer from Hackett
Scarf from total

On the iPod Kent röd

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torsdag, november 05, 2009

The Millwall pin

Recived in the mail today, a Millwall pin from the great people on NOLU Really nice and I'm gonne wear it with pride.


tisdag, november 03, 2009

What I'm wearing

A lot of jeans recently and so today, 501 levis dark blue
Socks from polo Ralph Lauren in red
Brownish check bd shirt from Ben Sherman
Grey Morris cardigan
Vintage levis Sherpa jacket with Splinters, acid jazz and Millwall pin and all top off with a scarf from Total

On the iPod the new live album from Nirvana

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måndag, november 02, 2009

What i'm wearing

Total scarf
Levis Sherpa jacket
Ben Sheeman short sleave shirt
Morris cardigan
Levis 501
Clarks brown Dessies

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söndag, november 01, 2009

The weekend ends here

Quite a slow but long weekend. Off work on friday and I start monday after 12 so it's been time for taking it easy and recover from the flu. The footbal was good since we bet Colchester with 2-1 after that Henry scored in the last minute. So in two weekend we have won over two of the top teams and we're on the same points as the team on 6th place, its good to be Millwall at the moment. And Today Kenny Pavey won sm-guld with AIK and that's good.

Nothing new in the clochts front this weekend, been wearing blue jeans, Ben Sherman shirt, Morris cardigan and Levis sherpa jacket.

I'm reading Sum: Forty tales from the afterlife by Eagleman, a short book about what happens in the afterlife, and GQ and King abd Cafe and AnOtherMan.

Music that inspired me over the weekend is The Moons, The View, Jamiroquai, some acid Jazz, The Hosts . . .