tisdag, juni 29, 2010


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So this is what happens when you run red light and trying to work your iPhone at the same time

You end up with a hurt foot. How could I miss that stone was my thought when lying in the middle of the road looking like a plate of cream. So no training for me today. Relaxing on the balcony with Nelly

The first book of this summer is finished: the slaughterhouse by S Macbride after recommendation from S. Maybe a 7/10. The next one I'd something completely different An Open Heart by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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söndag, juni 27, 2010

It's match day

Getting ready for today's game sitting on the balcony sipping pimms.

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torsdag, juni 17, 2010

Today's find

On my home from the office to the train there is thus lovely little record shop called vaxkupan where I pop in when there is time, I few post down music got soul is from another pop. Always some oldies you want to have when there and today two collections found it's way into my bag; Elvis Costello the best of the first 10 years and Weeping Willows Simgled Again with a bonus cd A Reminder (B-sides & Rarities. The W W album I've been hunting for some time and the Costello was just a struck at the moment and #nowplaying The Heart Strings

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måndag, juni 14, 2010

In the mail today

After reading of some new ska

and reggae albums on the modculture site I went over to one record online outlet and found these two beauties to grab for small money. Will be my house warmer for some days to come.

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torsdag, juni 10, 2010

Today's bargain

In a bargain bin for £5 The Music Got Soul - the soul of young Jamaica 1968 -71. This been on my wanted list for a long time (2000) and there it was just waiting for me

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tisdag, juni 01, 2010

We are going up, were going UP

Two days after the big day I have finally time to sitt down and think about the day and everything and to tell you about my day at Wembley.

So me and some mates meet up at Victoria for a cooler before heading out towards Wembley. You could see four quite nervous swedes sitting there sipping on the guineas. After txt from mate Jeff telling us to meet up at The Wembley plaza wo headed for the train and a 30 minutes underground trip filled with Millwall songs we landed in Wembley. The predrinking took place at the Plaza. Both Millwall and Swindon where there and it was only cheers and good spirit all around. Entering the stadium was massive. Wall everywhere singing and getting into it.

And now we all know how this day ended. Such a good feeling standing there while the players walked around on the pitch thanking everyone and the singing just didn't stop even if the stadium by now only was half full. We ended in a boozer again and spent some desent time there before heading back to town before getting some grubb and then bed with a big smile on my lips!

Thanks KJ, the players, Millwall Sweden and all other supporters that did this one of the days of my life.

The Swede Dreamer
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