måndag, augusti 23, 2010

Pressure sounds in da house

In nice parcel from Www.pressure.co.uk was on the mail today - two nice vinyl; Lee'scratch'Perry Sound System Scrath and Delroy Wilson Dub Plate Style and now one of them are spinning on my player, guess which one?!

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måndag, augusti 16, 2010

Way Out West with Weller

So, I travelled down to Gothenburg and Way Out West this friday. And here is a very short summery of the day. First out was Jens Lekman who did quite a mellow start of the day. He played new and old songs but did not really reach out to me anyway. After that Rango was on the second stage. They had fun on stage and so did I and the people around me. After that we went over to the smallest stage for Panda Bear who did nothing for me. Time for my main reason to go down here - Paul Weller on the main stage. I'm may not be the right man to review a Weller concert but the afternoon was ok. Too many The Jam songs for me but me and my friend had a nice hour with Weller and his band. After that we went back to the smallest stage for Beach house who played at the same as Wu-Tang Clan and we ended up having a beer. So time for another band of the town The Soundtrack Of Our Lives with a philharmonic orchestra on stage. Too slow. Over to the smallest stage again for Local Natives who did impress me, really good. Over to The National who owned the area for an hour, good. After that a small stage and Miika Snow, dance, dance, dance. Better than expected. Next artist out was Iggy & The Stooges - classic. The last two for us was M.I.A who did her thing. I don't think that everyone who was there and danced really know what to think about her but she was this years IT artist and so she was he Queen of WOW. Before her LCD Soundsystem made me dance, dance, dance. And then we drove home.

About a hundred Weller pictures can be found here:


fredag, augusti 13, 2010

söndag, augusti 08, 2010

söndag, augusti 01, 2010

The end of an summer era

Last day of this years holiday. Five weeks of . . . No work. Training and reading and some alcohol have been the thin red line for this year. As to finish something and to start something new my last crime novel was to be Cody McFadens Abandoned. Quite a brutal, bloody ride this book was. Around 400 pages in five days, quite a slow read for me but the book was a bit hard to put down when the plot thickens. Just get past the first 75 pages and you're in.

So to start with something completely different my next book is the mod classic Absolute Beginners. Been looking forward to this book for many years the problem have been that it's quite hard to track it down. I found this on evilbay for a bargain. So, let's see if my highly hopes will be fulfilled.
And Abandoned get 6/7 out of 10.

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