lördag, februari 26, 2011

torsdag, februari 24, 2011

Janice Graham Band

A while back I took the time listening to the Modcast by Eddie Pillar, episode 1, on this show the played dome signed and some unsigned band. One of the bands he played he was raving quite heavily about was the Janice Graham band. He played a snippet of a song that sounded very promising to me so I found them on the net and there was I single to buy and yesterday a nice piece of music arrived by mail. The two songs on the cd both takes you on a ska soul jazzy journey - really nice. So check out The Janice Graham band.

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måndag, februari 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

Now's The Time

After receiving this from www.reflexcd.co.uk I have spent the weekend not only listening but ripping from vinyl to digital and then create mp3 from 2 long file, that was the nonsense talk now over to the record. I know of Tony Christie, one song here and one there but I have never listened to a full album so you can say that I'm a beginner to Mr Christie. I have had the time to spin the album a few times now and I give it the thumps up. A modern sound to a classic sound. The voice is still there, maybe even better. The musicians is up for the mission to do something new and different from a classic sound. A crooner full out.

Definitely a buyer.


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Signed, sealed and delivered

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torsdag, februari 10, 2011

Håkan rules

Har ramlat förbi herr Hellströms spelningar ett par gånger men inte stannat upp och gett honom en ärlig chans. Det tog tid att abdikera inför hans storhet, jag kan inte med handen på hjärtat säga att det där första framträndat på sen kväll med Luuk fick över mig på hans sida samtidigt som jag sett hans storhet före ikväll men jag följer min vän Bozo och hans dotters ord: Håkan äger. En fantastisk föreställning i Cloetta Center ikväll - Tack Håkan Hellström.

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I Love you so much that I hate myself

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Håkan Live

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