tisdag, december 30, 2008

This is what is like to be off work

08.00 Wake up

08.15 Make breakfast

09.15 Walk the dog

10.00 Down to the bottle shop and flowerist

10.30 warm up

10.45 one hour running

11.45 home and make the dirt laundy ready

12.00 -17.00 laundry

13.00 lunch after shower

13.30 walking the dog

15.00 the car to the supermarket

16.15 home after shopping sitting in the bed sipping on some coffee

17.00 walking the dog

18.00 making dinner

F f s I'm tired on being off work

måndag, december 29, 2008

A brand new start . . .

So I renamed my blogg a brand new start and started to listen to motley crue. While reading the dirt I just had to listening to some of the music they are talking about. Some old, some new and some just forgotten. I enjoyed reading the book but the music today is not my cup of tea. Still it's a walk down memory lane. I remembered something going round about Nikki Sixx was replaced by another person for some time while he was in hospital. This was not mentioned in the book but there some info to be found on the internet. Enough about the crue and the book. Just one more thing - Vince Neil have released some solo albums - now I don't have to dl the album for some listening, just start spotify and there you go - Spotify might not rule but it's cool.

New years eve is just a few days away. Here is everything slow. Both me and Susanne are of work and enjoying this time. Nelly is a bit strange at the moment. Probably something to do with her being "shadow pregnant" - is that a word?

And now I’m sitting here listening to “The Beat Scene” on Spotify while writing this –soon a dog walk and then down town for a after work beer with my working mate!
And yesterday we watched “Let the right one in” don’t know what to say about it. I expected a vampire movie and got something about being “outside” of friendship, being bullied, being different. Can’t say I like the Swedish movie language of the seventies –eighties. Everything is grey and boring – nah not me and not my like

fredag, december 26, 2008

So this was christmas

The titel sounds that I have had a terrible time but the truth is that I have had a really nice christmas. Sitting and listening to Millwall who is down 1-0 and Tony Craig got a red card and showed off.

A little bit later. Still 1-0. Back to christmas. I'm off work and that is a gift in itself. From my lovely susanne I got a nice target coffee mug and a wonderful Gucci edt. From my mom and dad the Hewitt Weller book and a nice Boomerang shirt. From my brother with family a face wash from lush and a cool picture frame for digital photos.

Nice glögg, cool beer and stuffed like a . . .

So this was christmas

tisdag, december 23, 2008

Thank God it's Not Christmas it's spotify

It's my name for my christmas playlist on Spotify. Spotify is real cool. Lot of great music, not everything but you can for sure make your party going. And right now i'm getting in the christmas spirit! The link is my playlist right now!

måndag, december 22, 2008

The Dirt the book

Once there was a time when I had long hair, fancied a purple and black striped shirt, looked just the one E D V wore on the pictures in creeam or another american music magazine. I think the year was 1984. VH ruled the world with Jump and AC/DC saluted you! And then there was this band with these crazy looking dudes with the song Shout at the devil - Motley Crue.

Today I sometimes bring out these records and walking down memory lane. Reading the book is not my memorys and not even close to the life I lived in these times. But the reading is good and a look into a life so far out that it sounds unbeliveble.
Good reading for anyone interested in music.

onsdag, december 17, 2008

Merry Millwall Xmas

Recived this by mail from Millwall and I just have to share it with you lot. If there should be any problem with me showing this vdo here. Just drop me a line.


Millwall FC has copyright of the material

torsdag, december 11, 2008

Pete Molinari is in da house

Såg hans namn flimra förbi någostans för ett tag sedan för att sedan dyka upp igen i senaste nr av sonic och då bestämde jag mig för att kolla vidare och hittade hans hemsida och jag visste verkligen inte vad jag skulle vänta på. Hittade en spelare och startade. Va faan är det här för Dylan shiite. Men jag stannade och lyssnade klart och spelade igen och helt plötsligt var det bra, sedan rikitigt bra, och jag tror jag stannar där. Lyssna och njut!

tisdag, december 09, 2008

Human Rights day post - Free Paljor Norbu Now!

Dear decision maker,
I am deeply disturbed to learn that Chinese authorities have sentenced 81-year-old Paljor Norbu (Chinese: Panjue Ruobu) to 7 years in prison. I join people worldwide in calling for his immediate release, and the release of all Tibetan political prisoners.

Paljor Norbu is internationally recognized as a distinguished master printer and publisher of traditional Buddhist texts. He was detained on October 31 and accused of printing 'prohibited material', but no official charges against him have been released. In gross violation of Chinese law and international law, he was denied even the most basic rights to a free and fair trial procedure. He was tried in secret and denied the right to chose his defense lawyer. No details about his trial have been disclosed, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Paljor Norbu is 81 years old. We are deeply concerned for his well-being and call for his family to be allowed to see him immediately.

According to Human Rights Watch, Norbu's sentencing is part of a new wave of arrests in China's ongoing crackdown in Tibet. Foreign journalists are still being denied access to Tibet, thousands of Tibetans remain imprisoned or disappeared and Chinese armed forces continue to surround towns and monasteries, carrying out a campaign of terror against the Tibetan people.

The international community has consistently demonstrated its long-standing support for Tibet and the restoration of human rights and freedom for the Tibetan people. Until this military siege ends and your government commits to meaningful dialogue with the Tibetan-government-in-exile to resolve the Tibetan issue, China will never truly be accepted as a leader on the world stage.

I am monitoring Paljor Norbu's case very closely and will raise his plight with my government representatives, as well as those of other Tibetan political prisoners. I urge you to immediately and unconditionally release Paljor Norbu, Dhondup Wangch en, Jigme Guri and all other Tibetans who have been unjustly detained.

Sincerely, Jerry Simonsson


Tibet Will Free Free! Bhod Rangzen!