måndag, december 29, 2008

A brand new start . . .

So I renamed my blogg a brand new start and started to listen to motley crue. While reading the dirt I just had to listening to some of the music they are talking about. Some old, some new and some just forgotten. I enjoyed reading the book but the music today is not my cup of tea. Still it's a walk down memory lane. I remembered something going round about Nikki Sixx was replaced by another person for some time while he was in hospital. This was not mentioned in the book but there some info to be found on the internet. Enough about the crue and the book. Just one more thing - Vince Neil have released some solo albums - now I don't have to dl the album for some listening, just start spotify and there you go - Spotify might not rule but it's cool.

New years eve is just a few days away. Here is everything slow. Both me and Susanne are of work and enjoying this time. Nelly is a bit strange at the moment. Probably something to do with her being "shadow pregnant" - is that a word?

And now I’m sitting here listening to “The Beat Scene” on Spotify while writing this –soon a dog walk and then down town for a after work beer with my working mate!
And yesterday we watched “Let the right one in” don’t know what to say about it. I expected a vampire movie and got something about being “outside” of friendship, being bullied, being different. Can’t say I like the Swedish movie language of the seventies –eighties. Everything is grey and boring – nah not me and not my like

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