söndag, januari 31, 2010

Winter wonder land

Today Sunday 100131 -16c 14.30

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fredag, januari 29, 2010

Magic carpet days

Suddenly out of nowhere it seems O C S new single landed and in iTunes and blind me, it's a real groover. The b-side is something that could have been on the first album, and that is good, not bad.
Defenitly a buyer

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onsdag, januari 27, 2010

tisdag, januari 26, 2010

From the floorboard up!

Brown Clarks dessies
Blue socks from Topeco
Black Levi 511
Off white rollneck from Paul & Friends
Grey blazer from R.Lindqvist
Black Weller parka from Merde!!!
Black/grey scarf from HM

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fredag, januari 22, 2010

Today's outfit

Check this is England shirt Ben Sherman
Corduroy black blazer HM
Levis 511
Red socks from P R L
Sand dessies from Clarks

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torsdag, januari 21, 2010

Wake Up The nation

So this is how the cover for the new Paul Weller album looks like. Due to be out in april, cant wait!


onsdag, januari 20, 2010

Lost & Found

Out On Monday!

And some reading, in swedish, about the northern soul scene, Richard Searling talks Northern soul!

Keep on keeping on

lördag, januari 16, 2010

Madness Madness they call it Madness

7 & 3 is the striker's name

Mr Weller latest output arrived here in Sweden yesterday. A so called ltd in 1000 ex only available from one source and there should be something special about the cover also. This trick has not fallen out good with some Weller fans on Splinters, a Weller mailing list, and some people thinks that nowadays it's only about the money and the song is shite. Been listening to the single a few times this afternoon and might not be his best single over the years but far from the worts, imo. The single has sold fir fantasy sums on eBay so if you don't like it and have it just try to cash in for yourself.

Keep on keeping on!
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Having problem with my iPhone app for blogging

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What I bought

A bumfreezer from Lindqvist. I'm very pleased with this, a bit expensive for even on sale but I really love the jacket. The details is excellent as shown in the pictures. It's a keeper

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fredag, januari 15, 2010

Life from a window

On my way back Linkoping just chilling on a train looking at the world passing by the window

In the mail

A new white shirt from T.M Lewin. the says say it slimmer than Tyrwhitts shirts. will try it on and give you the truth

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onsdag, januari 13, 2010

tisdag, januari 05, 2010

Our new wall

We bought two "frames" and then I out up 8 lp's - Northern Soul the classics, Paul Weller As Is Now, rare mod volume 2, The Wailers Catch A Fire, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society,The Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone Celebration, The Clash London Calling.

Nice . . . Me like!

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måndag, januari 04, 2010

Lovers Rock

Not much from me today I just want to show you the right directions for some good reading (in swedish) about Lovers Rock and a nice mix of Lovers Rock done by the author of the article. The article is found here and the mix is found here!

And one of my best founds last year is Paulette Walker and Frinds So In Love