torsdag, april 30, 2009

Friday in London

A few days have gone since the homecoming from ldn and lifes gtting back to normal. I had brilliant weekend which started with in Whitechapel and the arriving at The London City Hotel on Osborne Street/Brick Lane. When checking in a parcel from Jump The Gun waited for me. A shop i Brighton that sells clothes with a mod twist. I'vebeen looking for a mac in 6t's style for some time now and they had a new range arriving in their shop last week and Jonathan at the shop helped me out and arrenged to hve on sent to my hotel, thanks.

After checking in made the journey out to Bermondsey and The Den. Bought ticket for the Saterday game and i cap for the winter and a Neil Harris t-shirt. After that I went back into twn and Notting Hill. Stopped at a pub for a few cold ones as Jeff should have said and then up to Adam of London. He had some new nice trouser with Prince Of Wales pattern that I spendid some money on. Back to Whitechapel for some food and a few minutes on bed bed before going back to the city, and ICA for the Golden Silvers concert. The Pipettes, another unknown not so good band was on the bill with The Golden Silvers as headliners. The Pipettes did a good show, the other band was not my bag and the The Golden Silvers did the night a good night. They played most of the songs from the album. The album nd a golden 7" was in my bag after doing some shopping at the merch stall. And when concert was over I went back to the hotel for a good nights sleep

tisdag, april 28, 2009

Night in London

Happy boys, happy girls - happy days

The Breffni crowd

The Breffni Arms

The boys at The Breffni Arms

The boys walk the pitch

The boys walk the pitch

Pitch fever

Fever Pitch

Winning boys

Happy boys at the Den

Winning boys

Gary Alexander score 2-1

Super Neil Harris

Lewis Grabben doing the dribble

We Fear No Foe!

Pre Match

Millwall Forde save penelty

Millwall - Leyton orient Before game

The Golden Silvers

söndag, april 19, 2009

And here it alive!


And now i'm with mac

On friday my mate Fredrik text me - your macbook is come - come and get it and so i did so now i'm with mac. Ths first picture is "suprise" the box and here under is the beauty and now it's the hard way for an old windows user the learn a new plattform - no worries!

tisdag, april 14, 2009

Tuesday night alright

So easter is over, or not, don't know for how long easter is going on so to say. In Metro this morning I read in pascalidos column easter in Greece is the weekend to come, so I don't know. Last night was the biggen. Millwall played Peterborough and how they played - brilliant. I recived a mail from my mate Bax this morning and in the subject line you could read: As The Strokes once said . . . Last Night and the mail said:


Just hope they can play well in rest of the games, direct promotion or play off doesn't matter as long we get promotion!

Less then two weeks now until it's LDN time again. Will be a laugh. Millwall plays Orient, a concert with Golden silvers is the planned programe.

Thats all for now folks

lördag, april 11, 2009