onsdag, oktober 12, 2005

Leafs on the ground!

Here you can see that autumn is here even the temperature says something else!

Autumn stone

Here is a picture from today. It's the 12th of october and you can walk around in t-shirt. I have used the camera in my mobile for all the pictures by the way.

All Because of YOU!

Andy (www.reflexcd.co.uk), with help of the postal service was nice to me today. All three of the new U2 singel arrived from UK taday. He is a star helping out with all U2 and Weller records I want. It's strange that it is cheaper and more reliable to order from UK then try to find the records in your hometown. Linkoping used to be a good record town, now it just sucks!

fredag, oktober 07, 2005


And the last one for today!

Here we go again!

It's alive again!

What can a man say!?

It's alive!

So, this is my tribute to dogtown!

And a good week it was!

What can a man say! I nice piece of ink in on my body from the excellent artist Micke at mad cat art & tattoo and a alright opposition of my d-essay. Don't know if this is the right word but I gave critic to another essay and defended mine. It was okay, the essay got the highest grade so I'm happy man today! And I passed the first part of political science!

onsdag, oktober 05, 2005

Update number 2 on the tattoo!

The plastic that kept the tattoo safe during the night!

Update on the tattoo!

Okeh, here is a picture of the t-shirt from this morning. I kept the plastic over the tattoo and slept in this t-shirt.

Some more photos

Here is the latest arrival to my 7" collection. The new Paul Weller ComeOn/Lets Go. A double 7" with one of them as Tequila Sunrise from www.reflexcd.co.uk. The Second one is the latest single from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. A 7" I won in a comp from www.badlands.se Nice fellows there ;).