fredag, maj 05, 2006

Stadium Arcadium

So today it finally arrived, the new red hot chili peppers stadium arcadium. The last days it been a media buzz around it since it "leaked" to the net and flea made his thoughts about it public through a fleamail published on their "website" . Many magazines picked up on the story probably after that the record company made some kind of news out of the mail and the thing that was picked up was that this was something that the downloader didn't pay for. If you read the mail I think that the big concern from flea is that the copy that is on the net is of poor quality and that the listener will not be able to listen to the record to the sound it is supposed to sound like. Of course he talks about money, but that seems not to be the big concern. Strange to write about this on the website where probably 95% of the participants will buy the album. I can understand the thing about the sound, but not the loosing money argument. The album is right now being ripped so that I can listen to it on my shuffle. The songs i listen to this far sounds good, like red hot do nowadays. Nice california pop. Sorry for all wrong words, misspelling but that's life.


onsdag, maj 03, 2006

Into the woods!

Since i have had problem with my neck/back for a long time (a long time ago a fell into a ditch and landed on my back, I think a got a fracture on my spine and it healed "wrong" sp after about 20 min cycling it starts tu hurt like hell around the neck) so today I went out for a ride. Cycling is so much easier to do then running. I enjoyed the ride with the help of some friends from Australia - Wolfmother! I think they are quite huge down under, but not very know here. With the help og some torrents I got their album and it's a buyer! So, out into the woods, enjoy the sun and listen to some groovy music!

The new Pearl Jam album arrived as a mail in the inbox. I think I told you before that I ordered the album from their website, Pearl Jam, and since they could not promise!! that the record should arrive with the mail on the day of the realese you got a free download of the album in inclided from their bootleg website. So, in the morning I logon to the website and in a few minutes the album was playing in my iTunes. It's good quality ripping (256kb). So, now I have to wait to get the record in my hand and that I miss. I went down to the local record hunter today to have a looka at the album but couldnot find it...I might get it sooner than the shop. Thank you Pearl Jam and thanks to their fanclub, ten club!! Now I'm waiting for friday and the new RHCP album! A good week it was!