torsdag, juli 29, 2010

It's good to be Millwall

In the mail today I received a small envelope from UK. I opened and inside I found the precious - my member card for MFC season 2010-11. This little piece of plastic shows that I'm part of something that happens many, many miles away. It shows that I can have an opinion about what happens in South London and at the Den. It's shows that I care and it shows that I'm proud, proud of being Millwall.

Come on you Lions Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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måndag, juli 26, 2010

Memory lane

On today's walkabout my fingers went into the coin pocket of my jeans and I could feel something plastic there. With clumsy fingers I succeed in pulling what wad there out into the open. What had been hidden there for about a year . . . A pick that gave you a beer in the backstage bar at the Hultsfred festival, now RIP. A beer that now never will be drunken.

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lördag, juli 24, 2010

Today's lunch in the town of Linkoping

A stroll into town took us to the Cafe Hemslojden for lunch. No part of The old town Linkoping, it's actually right in the city, close to the Castle.

And coffee at Wayns
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fredag, juli 23, 2010

Summer in Linkoping

On walking with Nelly this afternoon I think is quite a nice view of Domkyrkan of Linkopimg

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torsdag, juli 08, 2010

FRIDAY ON MY MIND; my review

After reading about this book on the modculture site I decided to order a copy of the book from the author. The story takes us back to a pre war london with a young kid getting to know the town, his whereabouts when getting into the mod scene, the feeling about not belonging, what is important in life - the music or the clothes.
I received the book last week and finished it yesterday and I didn't have a dull moment reading through the 350 pages. This time is so different from the time when I grove up. Sweden is far from London and this happend around the time when I was born.
If your'e interested in the mod scene and what it was like being an original mod this is the book for you and if you're interested what it was like to grove up in the 6ts in one of the greatest town, then this has something to offer you two.

You can order the book by contacting Don by his email: donhughes345@btinternet.
A copy is £19.99 + shipping, £25 total to Sweden.


måndag, juli 05, 2010

Happy birthday my dear one

My little love Nelly is 13 years old today. Enjoying a few hours out in the green after her birthday cake.

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lördag, juli 03, 2010

Le Tour

If you're not tired of sports already this summer now comes one of the years highlights - the start of Le Tour De France. Today's SvD culture have a nice piece about this years tour and some historical facts. The picture is the cover picture.

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fredag, juli 02, 2010

This summers second

This summers second book is now finished. His Holiness The Dalai Lama An open heart. A nice introduction into Buddhism. Even for me who has been introduced into Buddhism quite a time ago the book was interesting and I recommend it to anyone interested in Buddhism. 8/10.

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