torsdag, juli 08, 2010

FRIDAY ON MY MIND; my review

After reading about this book on the modculture site I decided to order a copy of the book from the author. The story takes us back to a pre war london with a young kid getting to know the town, his whereabouts when getting into the mod scene, the feeling about not belonging, what is important in life - the music or the clothes.
I received the book last week and finished it yesterday and I didn't have a dull moment reading through the 350 pages. This time is so different from the time when I grove up. Sweden is far from London and this happend around the time when I was born.
If your'e interested in the mod scene and what it was like being an original mod this is the book for you and if you're interested what it was like to grove up in the 6ts in one of the greatest town, then this has something to offer you two.

You can order the book by contacting Don by his email: donhughes345@btinternet.
A copy is £19.99 + shipping, £25 total to Sweden.


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