fredag, december 31, 2010

Let's get the party started

Bubbly and snacks!

Happy new year to you!

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måndag, december 27, 2010

Current spins

One was a freebie the other one recomanded on the Modculture and Electric Roulette. The Beginning is a band from one of the brothers of Trummor & Orgel. This is a full band and if you're into a dash of British psychedelic indie pop this could be your bag. Can't say that I'm a full blown psychedelic fan but I like my pop with a 6ts twist so after the first listening I'm hocked. Pick it from the man himself. 81:- with shipping to Sweden.

And now over to something completely different

Gorillaz - The Fall

Just have had a few this for a day and 2 or 3 spinnings. I must say that this Mr Albarn is an impressive. Even if i can't make music I still want an ipad after known that he has recorded all of the album on one of this "machines". So what does is sounds like? An Gorillaz album, what did you expect?


torsdag, december 23, 2010

Nicholson and Walcot

I had this lovely Cravat made by Nicholson & Walcot, will keep me cool and warm through this cold days.

Thanks Lou (and Bax)

Merry christmas everybody

Christmas dinner preparation

Janzon & eggtoddy

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tisdag, december 21, 2010

My Christmas survivor kit

To take me happy through Christmas I need something new, something old and something buried. Let's start with something old.

A Christmas gift for you is the classic Christmas album.

And something new.

Saint Etiennes take on Christmas albums this year is a ltd cd and was only to buy fromtheir website. Here they give you some of their old fan club singles together with some new recorded Christmas songs found in santas song vault. All you need really.

And something buried is given by the mighty Glasvegas.

A snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss. A classic in it on terms and I need it for my Christmas spirit.

And last after a reminder from my mate Nicklas a really nice bottle of whiskey, like:

So, enjoy your holiday with some decent music and you WILL survive.


fredag, december 17, 2010

The Office Christmas party

Using some new gear from TM Lewin and some not so new from Hackett and Adam of London

My mother-in-law's new tattoo

My 80ish years old mother-in-law did her third tattoo. Nit bad for an old lady

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lördag, december 04, 2010