måndag, december 27, 2010

Current spins

One was a freebie the other one recomanded on the Modculture and Electric Roulette. The Beginning is a band from one of the brothers of Trummor & Orgel. This is a full band and if you're into a dash of British psychedelic indie pop this could be your bag. Can't say that I'm a full blown psychedelic fan but I like my pop with a 6ts twist so after the first listening I'm hocked. Pick it from the man himself. 81:- with shipping to Sweden.

And now over to something completely different

Gorillaz - The Fall

Just have had a few this for a day and 2 or 3 spinnings. I must say that this Mr Albarn is an impressive. Even if i can't make music I still want an ipad after known that he has recorded all of the album on one of this "machines". So what does is sounds like? An Gorillaz album, what did you expect?


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