torsdag, april 29, 2010

And now something completely different

<a href="">Good Evening by The Concretes</a>

Me myself and I

Wish I was "In Amsterdam" and waiting for a train that is 30 minutes late in fucking krokek

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Wake up the Nation - my call

Paul Weller doesn't make it easy for himself or his fans. Through the the years he has in some ways always reinvented himself by getting a new person to be his partner in crime. Foxton, White is two that followed him and was his side kick through different times in his career. Out with the old and in with the new,time to change, no time to stand still in a way. In a way Weller is where he started all those years ago and at the same time he is here and now. This is not an album you put on the car stereo and enjoy as background while youbdriving to work. This album need and deserve your full attention, all the time. And don't get me started on the remix 2:nd disc . It's not a walk through the park, it drags you in and spitt you out, but you're alive and need to get in there again.

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Spring is here

Finally spring has arrived here in Sweden and the earth show us it streangh and mankind show us it weakness.


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tisdag, april 20, 2010

New reading

Chuck is out and finished and back at the library. Now Michael Bracewell and England is Mine shall be digested.

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onsdag, april 14, 2010

No Tears To Cry

Been having this songs on rotation for a while and I really like. Two steps forward and one step back. While No tears are one if the most soulfully Weller given us since his first solo album. Wake up the nation on the other hand is a straight in the face rock/punk/pop song. The third song on the cd singel is a groover/hymn kind of song called Mistress Brown. The album is lees than a week a way so start to get into the Weller train by boing this single- there is no way back only forward

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torsdag, april 08, 2010

The morning walk

Today my works brings out into the woods. It's a 20 something walk to the prison for the day and during this walk there was some nice scenery I hope you like.


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söndag, april 04, 2010

Easter butterfly

Went out to My parents house for some Easter food and when S was taking Nelly for a walk she saw our first butterfly for the year and it landed in my mothers Easter feathers for a little nap.

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fredag, april 02, 2010

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

S borrowed this book from the library for me and I can just follow the choir of praise for Klosterman. Fun reading from page 1 til the last one, highly recomended.

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torsdag, april 01, 2010

Get that lovely feeling

Thursday is here and it's just a few hours to go before most of us can enjoy e few extra days off work and celebrate Easter. Not much Easter about this picture but I just want to wish all out there a really nice time and don't forget that lovely feeling!

The swede dreamer

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