tisdag, december 27, 2011

She knows what I like

And you can never have too much of Saint Etienne, vinyl and xmas

Thanks my dear Susanne



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Xmas came a bit late but when it comes in vinyl

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tisdag, december 20, 2011

Hitsville Acid Jazz

Hmmm nice, just what the doctor ordered!

- Cheerio for now my friends.

måndag, december 12, 2011

And the weekend was something like this

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And I give you . . . The Fame Studios Story

Something to play with for tonight after recommendation from one if the compilation men Dean Rudland on The Modcast with Eddie Pillar and friends. Halfway in the first cd and the sound and tunes are just brilliant.

Cheerio for now my friends

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fredag, november 18, 2011

lördag, november 12, 2011

Spinning today

Oasis, Jasmine Kara and Quadrophenia in different

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fredag, november 11, 2011

söndag, oktober 02, 2011

And the second day was something like this

Woke up, breakfast at Pret, tube down to St James for a closed shoe shop, a walk through the park, really nice weather, a cuppa with Bax at Bar Italia, tube bus and train out Wall. A quicke at the shop before meeting Jeff at new cross social club the down to the den to watch my loved Millwall loose to a really shitty Burnley, theyre bad so what was Millwall . . . After the game a pint a the bridge before heading up to Camden and meet up with Ros for a few cold ones and back to shoreditch and a few hours sleep and the flight home at 0605



lördag, oktober 01, 2011

First day back in London

And the day came with excellent weather, sun and warmth, a lot of walking, shopping, food and some drinks.



söndag, september 11, 2011

The Shook-Ups

It's not only northern soul that comes out of Wigan. One of Wigan finest must be The Shook-Ups with their debut single "Burden On Me". A hard driven catchy debut in the garage rock genre. I bought the 7" from their Facebook page and soon after the single arrived I received an email that gave me the single plus a few more songs like an not fully unknown title The Magic Touch. So if garage or driven pop/rock is your bag, get the Shook-Ups.



lördag, augusti 20, 2011

Boy about town

In brown Loake wingtip shoes with red socks
Fred Perry slacks with brown belt from HM
J Smedley Polo
Baracute Mac