söndag, augusti 01, 2010

The end of an summer era

Last day of this years holiday. Five weeks of . . . No work. Training and reading and some alcohol have been the thin red line for this year. As to finish something and to start something new my last crime novel was to be Cody McFadens Abandoned. Quite a brutal, bloody ride this book was. Around 400 pages in five days, quite a slow read for me but the book was a bit hard to put down when the plot thickens. Just get past the first 75 pages and you're in.

So to start with something completely different my next book is the mod classic Absolute Beginners. Been looking forward to this book for many years the problem have been that it's quite hard to track it down. I found this on evilbay for a bargain. So, let's see if my highly hopes will be fulfilled.
And Abandoned get 6/7 out of 10.

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