onsdag, november 18, 2009

Paul Weller DeLuxe Edt

In the mail today from my mate Andy at Reflexcd Paul Wellers first solo album, my top Weller album, and a promo print for the album. The first cd is the album with b-sides for singles from the album and the second cd is filled with demos/alt versions/b-sides. Not much to say on the original album that is not said. I've got the japanese version that did not have The StrangeMuseum on it, had Here's a new thing instead if my memory serves me right. I have the original version, same as this one, or not the original since the japan version came out before the british release of the album, anyway, have had this british version on vinyl so nothing new there and I have all of the singles so there is no new b-side for me and alt versions and demos is the news for me. Some really interesting thing here, like the demo on Hot Rod and the acoustic version Into Tomorrow.

The booklet was so, so. The text was ok but there could be more pictures and more background stories I think. This is not an untold story, been told a few times already but I think still there could be more to it.

It's a buyer in my book!

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