söndag, oktober 04, 2009

The ten lastest tunes on my iPod

So this is what played for me on my pod this morning on the walk with Nelly

John Mayall's Bluesbrekers - Looking Back
The Velvettes - He Was Really Saying Something
Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
Kim Weston - Just Loving You
Glasvegas - Flowers And Football Tops
Kinks, T - Sunny Afternoon
The Style Council - Long Hot Summer
Twisted Wheel - She's A Weapon
Bobby McClure - Peak Of Love
Bitty McLean - Brother Man

And what was I wearing on the morning walk:

Socks from Kriminal vården
Hiking boots from Adidas
Camo trousers from some Danish designer
Singlet from HM
Long armed sweater from Komodo
Black parka from Merde!!

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