söndag, juli 24, 2005

Sunday bloody Sunday!

Today Lance Armstrong showed that he is one of the greatest ever, 7 le tour wins is not something you just do! I big hand to him!

Today I went for a beer with one of my great inspirer, my first contact anthropology came through him. He's got a great intellect, a good friend and very good to talk to. He was on he's way home to Stockholm and had an hour over and called me up and we vent out for a beer and a talk, good on ya!

Some new music that been spinning in my shuffle this last days; the new Weller single "from the floorboards up", a groover, rely nice catchy song. From real instrument over to sampling kings from Japan; Handsomeboy Technique - Adelei Land. In the same school as The Avalanches, this is brilliant! Summer is back and your on a long charter trip with Kid Creole on the speaker and a mai tai in the hand. You can buy the cd from http://www.jetsetrecords.net/

I'm reading Zack O'yeahs Guru at the moment. If you're interested in religion and India, this is the book for you.

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