onsdag, februari 25, 2009


or something.

So Susanne took me down to Da Klomp? on saterday for ome birthday beers. We had a real nice time and if you want to be verbaly abused go there and tell the bartender something stupid about beer - like i don't like dark beer, that's the way it is. I just don't like dark beer. A bit pricy but we had a nice time there -recomended.

On sunday the rest of the family came over for some smörgåstårta and hanging with us. Thanks everyone.

I really like Moz new album. And on monday the mailman brought me The View - Which Bitch. Excellent record. When I first heard the singel - 5 rebeccas - I was a bit disapointed and thought that thay had one great record and thats it. Then I decided to buy the album and I must say I Like!

My 6th week on KRUT and the ending coming closer - me like!

Cheltenham - Millwall 1-3 ME LIKE!!!


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