onsdag, maj 20, 2009

And now back to some music

So my journey through britsh music come to something new today. I recived earlier this week Morrissey greatest hits and the story of The Smiths on cd and today the mailman had a parcel with the new Madness album. I have not forgot them after our house but not been a regular listener to their new albums. Since they are coming to Hultsfred this summer i decided it was time to give them a try and see if they are welcome into the family again. I ahve played the album 4 or 5 times now and they are catching in on me. Same same but different. The sound is familiar but not done in the same way as the other album. They seem to have used their minds and put it into the music, it sounds smart, no brainless ska revivel - songs with a meaning.

Me like.

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