torsdag, juli 21, 2005

So, what is going on!?

Today's musical lesson starts in the beginning of the 90's with the Acid Jazz thing. I've been listening to some old school britt jazz, Galliano. This is really amazing stuff, all the three first albums is so great, going with the flow! My next stop on the musical journey is the new mix cd from Solid Radio - Summer Vibes (inna serious times), can be bought from A fantastic mix of new roots reggae done by the mighty cosmic from looptroop and some other guy called Sulo Great. This is the 4th cd from solid radio, and they are great! As last I can recommend the cd from the forthcoming movie Lords of Dogtown which is filled with awesome 70's rock!

Last night me and Susanne had a look at this new movie "It's all Gone Pete Tong". I think it's a good film, the main man is doing a fine job as a dj becoming deaf.

Today I went out biking for an hour. Feels fine!

Change from Comviq to 3 is great. Today I found on the 3 portal streams of muisc from Lauryn Hill when she played here in sweden a few days ago, brilliant!

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