lördag, juli 30, 2005

A World Of White

Last night I was in Gothenburg to see U2 on their Vertigo Tour. I was driving down by myself and arrived in the city and close to the arena (Ullevi) around 12.30. I started to cue around 1, they entrance opened at 5. I only wanted to be one of the people who could get into the "winners circle" and I did. The concert was amazing, brilliant,GREAT! The start with the whole stadium waving something white was unbelievable! I looked around and had a look at all he waving, and imaging standing on the stage, watching this. The band looked real amazed walking on stage.

Anyway, this got me thinking about music and politics and how different this approach is today then in the 6ts. Today Bono can be asking Bush and Blair for their assistance with help for Africa, on stage he is talking about the connection between Muslims, Jews and Christian. I think it's not a right stand to be talking to Bush and Blair while they fighting the war in Iraq. It's relay good that people do something about the problems in the world, but it's just not feels right, and posing with anyone from the Bush administration just makes me feel bad.

Okeh, over to music again. The concert makes a top place on my concert list. I could make a top ten list, but it's hard. Here I try:
1. U2 - Unforgettable fire tour 1985
2 . . . Galliano: somewhere in Stockholm 198X, Iron Maiden support Kiss in 1980, U2 Vertigo in Gothenburg 2005, The Tubes at The Hammersmith Odeon 198X, The Jam Istadion 198X, Dexys at cirkus Stockholm 2003, DAD Hard Rock cafe Singapore 1990, The Datsuns Hultsfred 2003 and The Magic Numbers + Kaiser chiefs Hultsfred 2005.


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