måndag, augusti 01, 2005

Concert memories!

Almost 15 days since my last post. Not much have happened during this time. I've been to Stockholm visiting my good men Fredrik and Anders. It was a nice weekend with boule and poker. Lots of fun and good food! Good on ya mates! I've ordered some new music, from Japan in two ways. The "group" Handsomeboy Technique's album Adelie Land, a dj band from Japan and only released there is now on it's way from Japan by the nice people at www.jetsetrecords.net. From my m8 at www.reflexcd.co.uk I've ordered the vinyl version of The Mighty Numbers debut old. So good you just got to have it, the album of the year! Even if Handsomeboy is close to the Avalanches in sound, it's a bloody good album. That's the real music news, on the bootleg side I got the recording of the U2 concert from Gothenburg downloaded today. Pretty good recording, burned and will be played tomorrow! Two weeks ago I started to write a post about good and bad concert memories, see if I can finish the post tomorrow...

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