fredag, augusti 26, 2005

New records and books!

Yesterday the Magic Numbers on vinyl arrived here. It's a beautiful piece of vinyl. In the parcel there was their latest 7"on picture disk as well...hmmm..nice. It's great that many groups still realize their music on vinyl. I must say that I like the 7" most! But an lp is great. The Magic Numbers and Kaiser Chiefs are the number 1 groups at the moment, just ask Erik and Embla!
Susanne came home with a new chest of drawers for the hall from Ikea. It's real nice and made the hall look new. But Ikea, 2 hour to build the thing. When you open the box and you see the plasticbag whit all the screws and nuts, you know you're in for some work. It went alright, didn't take that much time.

Today I started to work on my essay in English. It's fun, but I know how wrong everything in it gone be, I mean, my grammar sucks! Swengelska all through!

For this semster it's a lot of books to buy. I have found most of the books at this book shop that is a bit like black books, the tv serie. Quite a lot of money to save, and now when I have 2 courses to buy books for it's good to find a place where you can buy used books for e bit less money. Two new books arrived by mail today, it's nice when the doorbell rings around ten, you know it's the postman who brings some larger stuff!

Thats all folks!

Cheers and thanks a lot!

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