tisdag, augusti 29, 2006

Back on track!

After a long time I have got the feeling for anthropology again. After my last course at uni in political science I was so feed up with everything academic. That 20p really took me to the ground, and I it was real hard getting back on track again. At the moment I'm not reading for any course, just for fun and that is fun. I've been browsing my home uni and Stockholm literature lists to see if there was some thing interesting. I found some books that I've picked up from the library. What Is Anthropology by Eriksen and An Introduction to Social Anthropology. I think I need a reminder of what is I'm reading about, and some different views on the area. Another one from Eriksen called Roots and Feet - Identity in a changeable time, The Multicultural Riddle. It feels good to be back on track. I just wish I could find interesting reading about anthropology and Internet.

And now over to something fun. Me and my mate Erik was up to Da-flow and kajaktiv this weekend for some kayaking, and it was good fun except that I hurt my ankle so bad that we had to skip the Sunday session. The feet still hurts like heel but it's getting better. And the best happening of last week was that Susanne got a new job! And I didn't have time to celebrate with her when I was going to Dala-Floda. She had a brilliant time with he sister, Leif and Embla. Wish her all good luck when she starts on the 4 of september!

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