måndag, augusti 21, 2006

What is on ,what is hot, what is not ...

I'm back and I'm mad as hell! Or not! I'm feeling fine now after a long sunny summer. The summer has been great with some changes in style, or one. For the first time I have done something with my hair, that is not cutting. I'm now have quite blonde look, like I have been to bali surfing for the whole summer, would not mind that by the way, but its my little angel Embla that have helped me out and I'm very pleased.

I have a few applications out but no luck finding a work this far, but soon, soon!

I got tickets for Red Hot Chili in Copenhagen and Stockholm so something to look forward to, and last week we was at Debasar checking out Wolfmother, and I can tell they Rocked!

I'm reciving news letter about things connected to Tibet and there are some interesting things happening. Since the Dalai Dala appeal to ban the use of endangered species there has been an update on how the tibetans in Tibet use the laungege of the Chinese rule and called a new genereation of skilled activists. They use Chinese legal terminology to publicise as well as legitimate their action. I video is circulating in Tibet provides a comprehensive account of the public burning of pelts of endangered species which took place in Litang in March 2000. The video demonstrates the Tibetan people's enduring loyalty and reverence for their exiled leader, the Dalai Lama, but it also bears witness for a new and very sophisticated approach to political activism which harnesses modern communication technologies and Chinese legal terminology to publicise as well as legitimate their action. This is good news and read the full story here.

Thats all from me this morning. Talk to you later!

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