måndag, december 04, 2006

Lonely Monday morning

Beeing without work is a pain. And now not really knowing what 's gonne happening i January it's hard to keep up the good spirit while looking for the job that you know is out there. I have no problem with days. I'm working on the anthropology website and writing my novel. I have been trying for ages to get this writing project going anf now I think that I'm on something. Looking for work, writing (applications and novel), reading, designing and walking the dog and the day is done. But sometimes this hard feeling that you don't have a work to go to, no working mates, no chrismas party hits you like a bullit. Last morning I feelt this really bad. Just the other day I had made one of this "on-the-go" playlist for my iPod. Beeing in the stairs on the my way out with the dog I changed the iPod settings to shuffle and then started the pod. The first song played was Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve and you know that this gonne be good one. With songs from the Jam, The rifles, The View, TTA, The Embassy, Small Faces, Oasis, The Libertines, The Streets, Lily Allen ... With music you like, really like nothing can go wrong! Remember Keep The Faith!

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